"Black Mountain Echoes" featured on 'Radio Airplay Staff Picks'

Thank you Kelly from the Radio Airplay staff for selecting "Black Mountain Echoes" as one of her staff picks this week! I am especially proud of this song, even though it took the longest to write by a long shot. In my attempt to get this record heard by the most people possible, I have uploaded them everywhere I have found an opportunity to do so--as long as it is free! I do not know anything about this website, but I haven't paid them a penny and so I'm grateful to be selected even if it's only bots & bologna.

If you know of other places to upload some songs and be heard, please 'Contact Me' (above) and let me know. Otherwise, click on the headline above (like always) to learn more! :)

Digital Catalog is pay-what-you-want, all proceeds going to Americares Hurricane Harvey Relief

I am proud to announce that now through Thursday at 9pm, my digital catalog is pay-what-you-want, with all proceeds going to Hurricane Harvey Relief via Americares.

I will also be donating 1/4 of all my physical merchandise sales.

My heart breaks seeing some of what's happened and I know every little bit helps.

Link to Bandcamp or click the "Shop" page above

Source: www.brandonluedtke.bandcamp.com

"Can't Get Away" makes The Alternate Root's Weekly Top 10!

"Lone Star State son Brandon Luedtke sets up the base for his career in Austin, Texas. The singer/songwriter collects his songs in Morning Light, his latest album release. Acoustic guitar strums create the rhythm for “Can’t Get Away (from the Way of the World)” as Brandon spews a non-stop verbal barrage about how you can run but not hide from the ragged road of life." -The Alternate Root Weekly Top Ten 8-14-2017