Morning Light CD


Morning Light CD


1. Can’t Get Away (From the Way of the World) 

Meredith Kimbrough & Jeff 'Horti' Hortillosa - Vocal Harmonies
Jeff 'Horti' Hortillosa - Lead Acoustic
Jordan Moser - Bass
Lee Zodrow - Keys
Pete 'Okie' Weiss - Mandolin

2. The Cuckoo Bird

Jordan Moser - Banjo & Mandolin
Eric Witthans - Cello

3. Over the Interstate

Pete 'Okie' Weiss - Accordion

4. Black Mountain Echoes

5. Let It Rise

Charlie Martin - Organ
Eric Witthans- Slide Guitar, Acoustic Bass
Jordan Moser - Banjo

6. One of These Days

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Side B ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

7. New World

Eric Witthans - Slide Guitar
Kevin Allen - Harp
Travis Shull - Bass

10. Stay Gone

Travis Shull - Upright Bass
Bob Hoffnar - Pedal steel
Charlie Martin - Piano
Pete ' Okie' Weiss - Accordion

9. Somethin' Evil

Kevin Allen - Harmonica
Travis Shull - Upright Bass

10. By the Light of the Moon

Pete 'Okie' Weiss - Accordion
Jeff 'Horti' Hortillosa and Meredith Kimbrough - Harmony Vocals
Jordan Moser - Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Bob Hoffnar - Pedal Steel

11. Feelin' the Feeling

12. Soon One Morning

Meredith Kimbrough - Harmony Vocals
Eric Witthans - Harmony vocal and resonator guitar

All songs written and arranged by Brandon Luedtke, except tracks 2 & 12 (traditionals) arr. by Brandon Luedtke, and with additional verses of his added.

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